What are the antonyms for DESPAIRING?

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Usage Examples for DESPAIRING

  1. She said nothing but went about her work with a most despairing face - "The Master of the World" by Jules Verne
  2. There followed six hours of waiting watching hoping despairing - "The Genius" by Margaret Horton Potter
  3. Then with a despairing gesture she pressed her hands to her forehead as if to calm its throbbings - "Baron Trigault's Vengeance Volume 2 (of 2)" by Emile Gaboriau
  4. Ambrose felt almost despairing as he heard in vain the last name - "The Armourer's Prentices" by Charlotte Mary Yonge
  5. She offered a despairing gesture to the stars - "Alias The Lone Wolf" by Louis Joseph Vance