What are the antonyms for DISCRIMINATE?


Usage Examples for DISCRIMINATE

  1. The line of march lay up long slopes of snow; nothing could ever be discovered but a waste of snow ascending in a steep inclination before us; no crevice gave us pause; there was nothing to vary the toil or the pain except that as fatigue crept on, and nature began to discriminate between the stronger and the weaker, our line was no longer continuous, but broken into parties, which, of course, rendered the position of the hindermost more dispiriting. - "An Impromptu Ascent of Mont Blanc" by W. H. Le Mesurier
  2. These hotels are a constant menace to the girlhood of our Land- girls who come to the city strangers, and are unable to discriminate between the good and bad. - "Chicago's Black Traffic in White Girls" by Jean Turner-Zimmermann