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  1. A patient, impartial elucidator, would not deride " ballot- boxes, reform bills, winnowing machines:" he would make the best of these and other tools within reach; or, if his part be to write and not to act, would animate, not dishearten, those who are earnestly doing, and who, by boldly striking at abuses, by steadily striving for more justice, by aiming to lift up the down- trodden, prepare, through such means as are at hand, a better ground for the next generation. - "Essays Æsthetical" by George Calvert
  2. At the decisive moment they are vacillating, and, in order to dishearten others, too, they exaggerate the strength of the enemy a hundred- fold, and belittle our own resources in the same proportion. - "NAPOLEON AND BLUCHER" by L. Muhlbach