What are the antonyms for EXHILARATE?

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  1. Of course it didn't exhilarate this young lady, and she even looked for no brighter side now. - "The Reverberator" by Henry James
  2. The governor went down the harbour in her, and carried Arabanoo with him, who was observed to go on board with distrust and reluctance; when he found she was under sail, every effort was tried without success to exhilarate him; at length, an opportunity being presented, he plunged overboard, and struck out for the nearest shore: believing that those who were left behind would fire at him, he attempted to dive, at which he was known to be very expert: but this was attended with a difficulty which he had not foreseen: his clothes proved so buoyant, that he was unable to get more than his head under water: a boat was immediately dispatched after him, and picked him up, though not without struggles and resistance on his side. - "A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson" by Watkin Tench