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  1. The fastidious travelled eye appraised the rich rugs and hangings, the massive " suite", the delicately- furnished bed, and took in the general air of warm luxury and unstinted comfort, even before it fell upon Rose herself- Rose, fat and fair, and the picture of content, sitting in the softest of arm- chairs, and the smartest of gowns and slippers, by the brightest of wood fires, with a tableful of new novels and magazines on one side of her, and a frilly cradle on the other. - "Sisters" by Ada Cambridge
  2. The latch was lifted from the inside, and there stood before Hoodie- not an old woman with either " big" or little eyes, not a " grandmother" with a frilly cap all round her face, such as she had been vaguely expecting, yet certainly not a " woof" either! - "Hoodie" by Mary Louisa Stewart Molesworth