Synonyms for HOPELESS

Usage Examples for HOPELESS

  1. It was very clear that, whatever might be the opinion of her judges, Rosa's case was anything but hopeless in her own eyes. - "The Perpetual Curate" by Mrs [Margaret] Oliphant
  2. I think, if he were among us, he would give up the search as hopeless. - "Gryll Grange" by Thomas Love Peacock Commentator: George Saintsbury
  3. It makes all sorts of things so hopeless, so impossible. - "Prince Fortunatus" by William Black
  4. He is in a hopeless situation. - "Calvert of Strathore" by Carter Goodloe
  5. " Tell me frankly," I said, " is his condition quite hopeless?" - "Long Live the King" by Guy Boothby