Synonyms for INEFFECTIVE

Usage Examples for INEFFECTIVE

  1. Persuade him to annul the order of banishment or render it ineffective. - "Secret Memoirs: The Story of Louise, Crown Princess" by Henry W. Fischer
  2. What a chaos of ineffective movements! - "The Story of the Mind" by James Mark Baldwin
  3. And if that is ineffective, further delay is necessary; in several instances a natural separation of the placenta has repaid me for waiting as long as two hours. - "The Prospective Mother A Handbook for Women During Pregnancy" by J. Morris Slemons
  4. She was permitted to have her say out, with those scornful eyes fixed on her, until she trailed off into ineffective silence, when the next question came. - "The Honour of the Clintons" by Archibald Marshall
  5. All reports indicated that the large Austrian force, nearly 1, 000, men in all, opposing the main Russian invasion had proved ineffective. - "America's War for Humanity" by Thomas Herbert Russell