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  1. The cases are so innumerous as to form a very insignificant proportion wherein the American mother is not also cook, laundress, seamstress, housekeeper, and chambermaid, with sometimes one awkward, ignorant, inefficient Irish servant, rarely two, and not rarely none at all. - "A New Atmosphere" by Gail Hamilton
  2. In spite of all his faults- and there are few poetic faults in which he does not indulge, to their very highest power- in spite of his " interfluous" and " innumerous," and the rest of his bad English- in spite of bombast, horrors, maundering, sheer stuff and nonsense of all kinds, there is a plaintive natural melody about this man, such as no other English poet has ever uttered, except Shakespeare in some few immortal songs. - "Literary and General Lectures and Essays" by Charles Kingsley