What are the antonyms for KALEIDOSCOPIC?


Usage Examples for KALEIDOSCOPIC

  1. In multitude of counsellors there is said to be wisdom, and what we learn from the counsellors of biology all over the world is that some maintain that natural selection is the only probable agency in effecting evolution, and that it is competent to account for all the changes which we know to have taken place; others hold that its probable influence has been over- rated; and others, again, think that it has been one of the many causes that have brought about the kaleidoscopic variety of organic nature. - "Thomas Henry Huxley; A Sketch Of His Life And Work" by P. Chalmers Mitchell
  2. The scene was a memory forming the starting point of a long series of other pictures, which aways came with a rush, changing and changing with kaleidoscopic rapidity till they developed into a stream of swiftly flowing thought. - "The Law-Breakers" by Ridgwell Cullum