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  1. I do not pretend to know the reason of this: perhaps leanness and emaciation were not considered genteel when she happened to be educated, as they are unfortunately by too many of my fair countrywomen; perhaps she never thought much about it; for I have always observed that very beautiful women, who prefer revolving in the quiet circle of domestic happiness and usefulness, are seldom or never very anxiously solicitous about their beauty; and the consequence is, that they are more beautiful, and stand the attacks of time far better, than those who choose a life of fashionable display, and court public admiration. - "An Old Sailor's Yarns" by Nathaniel Ames
  2. There is, of course, a certain kind of leanness which is the result of ill health. - "The Book of Life: Vol. I Mind and Body; Vol. II Love and Society" by Upton Sinclair