What are the antonyms for MOTIONLESS?

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Usage Examples for MOTIONLESS

  1. She was sitting quite motionless, her head bowed, her face hidden in her hands; she was trembling from head to foot. - "The Old Gray Homestead" by Frances Parkinson Keyes
  2. The splendid creature lay motionless. - "Peggy Stewart at School" by Gabrielle E. Jackson
  3. " I have to keep a look- out," said the man with the motionless face. - "The Wisdom of Father Brown" by G. K. Chesterton
  4. Pierre lay on his face, motionless, his arms stretched out. - "The Valley of Vision" by Henry Van Dyke
  5. He saw Madame Dalibard standing beside a bed round which the curtains were closed,- standing for a moment or so motionless, and as if in the act of listening, with one hand on a table beside the bed. - "Lucretia, Volume 6." by Edward Bulwer-Lytton