What are the antonyms for PARSIMONIOUS?


Usage Examples for PARSIMONIOUS

  1. So strongly did Mr. Mayhew find these characteristics marked among the Irish, that he is at times inclined to accuse them of carrying them too far, even to the display of a sordid and parsimonious spirit. - "Irish Race in the Past and the Present" by Aug. J. Thebaud
  2. And think too of the serious old men to whom such things are so completely a matter of indifference, that they are wearing their everyday black coats; the long- married men, whose faces betray their sad experience of the life the young pair are but just entering on; and the lighter elements, present as carbonic- acid gas is in champagne; and the envious girls, the women absorbed in wondering if their dress is a success, the poor relations whose parsimonious " get- up" contrasts with that of the officials in uniform; and the greedy ones, thinking only of the supper; and the gamblers, thinking only of cards. - "Cousin Betty" by Honore de Balzac