What are the antonyms for PERTINACIOUS?

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Usage Examples for PERTINACIOUS

  1. I could never teach them to believe, during above a year that I lived at this house, that I would not sell the old clothes of the family; and so pertinacious were they in bargain- making, that often, when I had given them the articles which they wanted to purchase, they would say, " Well, I expect I shall have to do a turn of work for this; you may send for me when you want me." - "Domestic Manners of the Americans" by Fanny Trollope
  2. His eyes ought to have been more expressive, for they had a good deal of duty to do; his pertinacious gaze scarcely left Helen's face when he was in her presence, and he seemed to consider this homage quite sufficiently expressive, without translating it verbally. - "Barren Honour: A Novel" by George A. Lawrence