Synonyms for PHLEGMATIC

Usage Examples for PHLEGMATIC

  1. He is by nature phlegmatic and cynical. - "The Deluge" by David Graham Phillips
  2. Melky sat by, disturbed and uncomfortable, while Ayscough reeled off a complete narrative of the recent discoveries to the suave- mannered, phlegmatic, calmly- listening figure on the hearthrug. - "The Orange-Yellow Diamond" by J. S. Fletcher
  3. He stepped leisurely out of his carriage, and came up in his usual phlegmatic manner. - "The Clique of Gold" by Emile Gaboriau
  4. But he was naturally a man of few words, and phlegmatic. - "Leaves from a Field Note-Book" by J. H. Morgan
  5. Nevertheless, we would not have it understood that Will was a slow, phlegmatic baby. - "Sunk at Sea" by R.M. Ballantyne