What are the antonyms for PRACTICABILITY?


Usage Examples for PRACTICABILITY

  1. Moreover I am ready, on Condition of receiving the Remainder of what's due to me, upon Oath to give all manner of future Information and Instruction in my Power; and I hope it could never enter into any Man's Idea of general Practicability, that I should actually teach every indifferent Workman in the Nation, and furnish each of them with a Set of Tools for the Trial of his Ability, at my own Expence, before I could be entitled to the Reward. - "Remarks on a Pamphlet Lately published by the Rev. Mr. Maskelyne, Under the Authority of the Board of Longitude" by John Harrison
  2. What our southern champions will now say to this direct testimony from their brother planters of the West Indies, of the practicability and safety of immediate emancipation, remains to be seen. - "The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus" by American Anti-Slavery Society