What are the antonyms for PREDOMINANCE?

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Usage Examples for PREDOMINANCE

  1. The opinion of our travellers' generally favouring liberty is, in my judgment, singularly erroneous, the feelings of a majority being, on the whole, just the other way, for, at least, the first year or two of their European experience; though, I think, it is to be noticed, by the end of that time, that they begin to lose sight of the personal interests which, at home, have made them anything but philosophers on such subjects, and to see and appreciate the immense advantages of freedom over exclusion, although the predominance of the former may not always favour their own particular views. - "Recollections of Europe" by J. Fenimore Cooper
  2. But the fact remains that the Indians of our generation are not as familiar with Bonaparte's name as were their fathers and grandfathers, so either the predominance of English- speaking settlers or the thinning of their ancient war- loving blood by modern civilization and peaceful times, must one or the other account for the younger Indian's ignorance of the Emperor of the French. - "Legends of Vancouver" by E. Pauline Johnson