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  1. Another Andrea del Sarto, the " Disputa sulla Trinita," No. 172, is close by, nobly drawn but again not of his absolute best, and then five more Raphaels or putative Raphaels- No. 171, Tommaso Inghirami; No. 61, Angelo Doni, the collector and the friend of artists, for whom Michelangelo painted his " Holy Family" in the Uffizi; No. 59, Maddalena Doni; and above all No. 174, " The Vision of Ezekiel," that little great picture, so strong and spirited, and- to coin a word- Sixtinish. - "A Wanderer in Florence" by E. V. Lucas
  2. Every minute that the putative Alethea put off coming about brought the cat- boat nearer that goal, but Kirkwood could do no more than hope and try to trust in the fisherman's implied admission that it could be done. - "The Black Bag" by Louis Joseph Vance