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  1. At sunset our ears were saluted with the insulting and hateful sound from our keepers of 'Down, rebels, down, ' and we were hurried below, the hatchways fastened over us, and we were left to pass the night amid the accumulated horrors of sighs and groans, of foul vapor, a nauseous and putrid atmosphere, in a stifled and almost suffocating heat.... - "American Merchant Ships and Sailors" by Willis J. Abbot
  2. But a fell influence was working against the besiegers; as the season advanced, they succumbed more and more to the ravages of the plague; and, after failing again on May 10th, many of their battalions refused to advance to the breach over the putrid remains of their comrades. - "The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)" by John Holland Rose