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  1. In Rio the troops and people arose, demanding an unconditional promise to ratify any constitution the Cortes might adopt. - "The South American Republics Part I of II" by Thomas C. Dawson
  2. And not more than two days before I left Philadelphia, another honourable member from the same state urged most strenuously that the Convention ought to hasten their deliberations to a conclusion, assigning as a reason that the Assembly of Pennsylvania was just then about to meet, and that it would be of the greatest importance to bring the system before that session of the legislature, in order that a Convention of the State might be immediately called to ratify it, before the enemies of the system should have an opportunity of making the people acquainted with their objections, at the same time declaring that if the matter should be delayed and the people have time to hear the variety of objections which would be made to it by its opposers, he thought it doubtful whether that state or any other state in the union would adopt it. - "Essays on the Constitution of the United States" by Paul Leicester Ford