What are the antonyms for SENILE?

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Usage Examples for SENILE

  1. " Poor- senile- babe," ruminated the Older Man soberly. - "Little Eve Edgarton" by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
  2. At the sound of the knock he raised his head, an expression, which was a mixture of fear and senile cunning came into his lined and pallid face, his dull eyes peered from under their lids with a flash of sudden alertness, and with one motion of his long hands he hurriedly folded the deed before him, crammed it, with the others, into the box, locked it with a hurried and trembling hand, and placed it in a cupboard, which he also locked; then he drew one of the large books into the place were the deed had been, and with a cautious glance round the room, shuffled to the door, and opened it. - "At Love's Cost" by Charles Garvice