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  1. For I could not prevail upon him to explain what thing it was that he directed the oarmen to " wait for," to " spring at from a stretcher," and " catch at the beginning;" nor why they were forbidden to row with their hands, not being quadrumanous, and able to employ their feet in such a manner; nor whether when he commanded them to " get in at once," he intended them to leap into the waters or to return to the landing- place, nor why they did neither of these things; nor why he should express satisfaction that a certain rower had got rid of a lofty feather, which would indubitably have added to the showiness of his appearance. - "Baboo Jabberjee, B.A." by F. Anstey
  2. Fortunately showiness is neither necessary nor desirable; while artistic qualities are not so much a matter of money as of thought. - "The Complete Home" by Various