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  1. The windy heights are all my love, The spheral lights, the spheral chimes, The trailing fires, the hosts that move In concourse through sidereal climes; I troop with the celestial choirs; We have not any wish to be Sad pilgrims, torn by sad desires, Wayfarers of mortality. - "Eight Harvard Poets" by E. Estlin Cummings S. Foster Damon J. R. Dos Passos Robert Hillyer R. S. Mitchell
  2. Some computed it by the sun and had what is known as the solar day- a span of twenty- four hours; others figured it by the moon and got a lunar day of twenty- four hours and fifty minutes; while still others resorted to the stars or constellations and reached a result known as sidereal time, a day of twenty- three hours, fifty- six minutes. - "Christopher and the Clockmakers" by Sara Ware Bassett