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  1. I begged to see their resolutions and petition, adding, that I by no means wished to take it out of their hands; and to skew them that I wished to meet them upon liberal terms, I proposed the embodying one of my resolutions among theirs, and a corresponding clause in their petion. - "Memoirs of Henry Hunt, Esq. Volume 3" by Henry Hunt
  2. Holding the fervid hand of the job- cook, I advanced with her through the furniture, skew- wise, as in the visiting figure of the Lancers; there was an undoubted effort on her part to keep time to the music, and she did not cease to inform the company that Major and Mrs. Yeates were the real old nobility, and that they would see she got her rights. - "Further Experiences of an Irish R.M." by E. OEnone Somerville Martin Ross