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  1. We passed a snow- field, where the river- buoys are left through winter, spar- buoys, gas- buoys, and bell- buoys ranged along now like great red tops numbed by the cold to sleep. - "Careers of Danger and Daring" by Cleveland Moffett
  2. The men toiled and thrust, but their efforts were utterly without effect, for the two heavy floating bodies had an attraction one for the other, and the grinding noise continued, till it sounded to Steve as if the ice would soon work its way through the stout copper and planks; but a few minutes later three pieces of stout spar were lowered down between the vessel's hull and the ice to be rubbed into shreds, while the Hvalross, after yielding and careening over foot by foot to the tremendous, pressure, began to right herself till she floated upon an even keel. - "Steve Young" by George Manville Fenn