What are the antonyms for SUBSTANTIALITY?


Usage Examples for SUBSTANTIALITY

  1. More profitable to us it will be to trace what substantiality their dream of dramatic revival really possessed, and if we strip it of the false garment of classicity in which it masqueraded, and of its self- asserting intolerance, there is no question that, whatever the results of the efforts of these reformers, their intention was admirable. - "Wagner's Tristan und Isolde" by George Ainslie Hight
  2. Though Flacius, when he first made his statement concerning the substantiality of original sin may not have felt absolutely sure of the exact meaning, bearing, and correctness of his position, yet the facts do not warrant the assumption that afterwards he was in any way diffident or wavering in his attitude. - "Historical Introductions to the Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church" by Friedrich Bente