What are the antonyms for SUPPOSITIONAL?

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Usage Examples for SUPPOSITIONAL

  1. And in such a suppositional case, how much they would be surprised, and how they would laugh in their sleeves, if some one came along and paid them handsomely for doing precisely what they meant to do." - "The Grafters" by Francis Lynde
  2. Some thirty years ago when I first knew the Seshahts, they still celebrated the great Lokwana dance or wolf ritual on the occasion of an important potlatch, and I remember well the din made by the blowing of horns, the shaking of rattles, and the beating of sticks on the roof boards of Big Tom's great potlatch house, when the Indians sighted the suppositional wolves on the river bank opposite the Village. - "Indian Legends of Vancouver Island" by Alfred Carmichael