What are the antonyms for TERGIVERSATION?

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Usage Examples for TERGIVERSATION

  1. Was it not our favourite axiom that he who could declare, upon his honour, he had found a generous woman, who never had attempted once to deceive, trifle with, or play him trick, should still be acknowledged a companion of our order, even though he were to marry: but that all coquetry, all tergiversation, all wrongs, however slight, were unpardonable, and only one way to be redressed? - "Anna St. Ives" by Thomas Holcroft
  2. She was conscious of gross tergiversation, of having ratted shamefully; for that merry party in the afternoon, as they stood in the camp of Rockcliffe overlooking Commonstone, had, one and all, vowed to foot it merrily in the town- hall on Easter Monday, and agreed that for real lovers of dancing a country ball beat a London one all to pieces. - "Belles and Ringers" by Hawley Smart