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  1. And if the gracious Power, Who first awaken'd my untutor'd song, 500 Will to my invocation grant anew The tuneful spirit, then through all our paths Ne'er shall the sound of this devoted lyre Be wanting; whether on the rosy mead When Summer smiles, to warn the melting heart Of Luxury's allurement; whether firm Against the torrent and the stubborn hill To urge free Virtue's steps, and to her side Summon that strong divinity of soul Which conquers Chance and Fate: or on the height, 510 The goal assign'd her, haply to proclaim Her triumph; on her brow to place the crown Of uncorrupted praise; through future worlds To follow her interminated way, And bless Heaven's image in the heart of man. - "Poetical Works of Akenside" by Mark Akenside
  2. For, if we do not believe them to arise, in this manner, by the spontaneous exercise of every uncorrupted mind, there are only two methods by which we can suppose them to originate;- the one is a direct revelation from the Deity,- the other is a process of reasoning or of investigation, properly so called, analogous to that by which we acquire the knowledge of any principle in natural science. - "The Philosophy of the Moral Feelings" by John Abercrombie