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  1. The Roman letters were first used by Sweynheim and Pannartz printers who settled at Rome in 1467 The earliest work printed wholly in this character in England is said to have been Lily's or Paul's Accidence printed by Richard Pinson 1518 The Italic letters were invented by Aldus Manutius at Rome towards the close of the fifteenth century and were first used in an edition of Virgil in 1501 Constables Miscellany Vol xx p - "The Grammar of English Grammars" by Goold Brown
  2. Should I for my xx - "The Mathematicall Praeface to Elements of Geometrie of Euclid of Megara" by John Dee
  3. Police 130 Porphyry xx - "Hegel’s Philosophy of Mind" by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
  4. Thomas Harkness of Lockerben xx - "Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Volume XXIV." by Revised by Alexander Leighton
  5. 4 S John xx - "The Prayer Book Explained" by Percival Jackson