What are the antonyms for XXIII?

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Usage Examples for XXIII

  1. In the Critical Review xxiii - "Eighteenth Century Essays on Shakespeare" by D. Nichol Smith
  2. Page xxiii The Proposition 'No xm exist' 43 corrected to 44 - "Symbolic Logic" by Lewis Carroll
  3. See especially his consideration of coercion and persuasion in the two realms of individual and social conduct pages xxii xxiii - "Introduction to Non-Violence" by Theodore Paullin
  4. As an instance Aristotle gives Iliad xxiii - "Deductive Logic" by St. George Stock
  5. We believe nay with the Psalms in our hands such Psalms as xxiii - "Messages from the Epistle to the Hebrews" by Handley C.G. Moule