How Do You Spell OPT?

Pronunciation: [ˈɒpt] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "opt" is based on its pronunciation in English. The IPA phonetic transcription for the word opt is /ɑpt/. It is spelled with the letters "o" and "p" followed by the letter "t". The "o" sound in opt is pronounced similar to the "a" sound in "father". The letter "p" is pronounced as it is in the English alphabet. The final letter "t" is pronounced with a slight puff of air, signifying the end of the word.

OPT Meaning and Definition

  1. Opt, verb:

    1. To choose or select among various possibilities or alternatives, often based on personal preferences or the most advantageous option available. It involves making a decision after considering different options or courses of action.

    Example: After careful consideration, she opted to pursue a career in medicine rather than engineering.

    2. To decide or willingly choose to do or engage in something.

    Example: Despite his exhaustion, he opted to join his friends for a night out.

    3. To express or indicate a preference or desire for a particular choice or course of action.

    Example: The company opted to cut costs by reducing staff rather than implementing pay cuts.

    4. To decide or elect a particular alternative in a formal or official context.

    Example: Voters in the election opted for a change in government.

    5. To exercise a right or privilege granted by a contract, agreement, or policy.

    Example: The employee opted for the option to work remotely twice a week.

    In summary, "opt" refers to the act of making a choice or decision from various alternatives based on personal preferences, advantages, or desires. It can range from informal and personal decisions to official or contractual obligations.

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Etymology of OPT

The word "opt" comes from the Latin word "optare", which means "to choose" or "to desire". The Latin word later evolved into "opter" in Old French, and eventually became the modern English word "opt" around the 18th century.

Idioms with the word OPT

  • opt out (of sth) The idiom "opt out (of sth)" refers to the act of choosing not to participate or be involved in something, typically by formally or voluntarily withdrawing from an agreement, obligation, or commitment. It implies the decision to decline or reject an opportunity, activity, or situation.
  • opt in favor of sm or sth The idiom "opt in favor of someone or something" means to choose or prefer someone or something over other alternatives. It implies making a deliberate decision to select a specific option or show preference towards someone or something.
  • opt for sth The idiom "opt for sth" means to choose or select something, typically in preference to other available options. It implies making a decision that is seen as advantageous or favorable.
  • opt out (of) The idiom "opt out (of)" means to choose not to participate or be involved in something. It refers to the act of deciding not to take part in a particular activity, agreement, or situation.
  • opt in favor of The idiom "opt in favor of" means to choose or select something over another alternative or option, usually because it is preferred, beneficial, or advantageous.
  • opt in(to sth) The idiom "opt in" means to actively choose to participate in or agree to something, especially by giving consent or signing up for a particular service, program, or activity. It implies a voluntary decision to be involved or included in a specific action or situation.
  • co-opt (someone) into (something) To persuade, entice, or pressure someone to participate in or join a group, organization, or cause, often without their full consent or understanding.
  • co-opt (one) into (something) The idiom "co-opt (one) into (something)" means to persuade or manipulate someone into participating in something, often against their will or original intentions.
  • co-opt into To co-opt into means to persuade or manipulate someone to join a group, organization, or cause, often for strategic or self-serving purposes.

Similar spelling word for OPT

Conjugate verb Opt


I would opt
you would opt
he/she/it would opt
we would opt
they would opt


I would be opting
you would be opting
he/she/it would be opting
we would be opting
they would be opting


I would have opt
you would have opt
he/she/it would have opt
we would have opt
they would have opt


I would have been opting
you would have been opting
he/she/it would have been opting
we would have been opting
they would have been opting


I will opt
you will opt
he/she/it will opt
we will opt
they will opt


I will be opting
you will be opting
he/she/it will be opting
we will be opting
they will be opting


I will have opted
you will have opted
he/she/it will have opted
we will have opted
they will have opted


I will have been opting
you will have been opting
he/she/it will have been opting
we will have been opting
they will have been opting


you opt
we let´s opt


to opt


I opted
you opted
he/she/it opted
we opted
they opted


I was opting
you were opting
he/she/it was opting
we were opting
they were opting




I had opted
you had opted
he/she/it had opted
we had opted
they had opted


I had been opting
you had been opting
he/she/it had been opting
we had been opting
they had been opting


I opt
you opt
he/she/it opts
we opt
they opt


I am opting
you are opting
he/she/it is opting
we are opting
they are opting




I have opted
you have opted
he/she/it has opted
we have opted
they have opted


I have been opting
you have been opting
he/she/it has been opting
we have been opting
they have been opting
I would have opted
we would have opted
you would have opted
he/she/it would have opted
they would have opted


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