How Do You Spell ORTELLI?

Pronunciation: [ɔːtˈɛlɪ] (IPA)

Ortelli is a surname of Italian origin. The correct spelling of the word "Ortelli" is pronounced as /ɔrˈtɛli/. This phonetic transcription indicates that the pronunciation of this name starts with the "or" sound, as in "orange." This is followed by a short "e" sound and a stressed "t" sound. The final syllable is pronounced like "lee," with the sound of a short "i" and a relaxed "l" sound. Proper spelling and pronunciation of names is essential, not just for communication, but also as a sign of respect.

Common Misspellings for ORTELLI

  • irtelli
  • krtelli
  • lrtelli
  • prtelli
  • 0rtelli
  • 9rtelli
  • oetelli
  • odtelli
  • oftelli
  • ottelli
  • o5telli
  • o4telli
  • orrelli
  • orfelli
  • orgelli
  • oryelli
  • or6elli
  • or5elli
  • ortwlli
  • ortslli


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