How Do You Spell OTHA?

The spelling of the word "Otha" is based on the pronunciation in the English language. Using IPA phonetic transcription, it can be spelled as /ˈoʊθə/ which starts with a long "o" sound followed by a "th" sound and ends with a neutral vowel sound. The spelling of the word is not fixed, however, and can vary depending on the context and individual accents. Some alternate spellings include "Otho" or "Otto."

Common Misspellings for OTHA

  • otah
  • othar
  • itha
  • ktha
  • 0tha
  • 9tha
  • ofha
  • oyha
  • o6ha
  • o5ha
  • otba
  • otna
  • otja
  • othz
  • othw
  • othq
  • iotha
  • oitha
  • kotha
  • oktha

Similar spelling words for OTHA

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