How Do You Spell OTHELLO?

Pronunciation: [ɒθˈɛlə͡ʊ] (IPA)

The word "Othello" is commonly spelled with an "o" in between the "t" and "h," but this may lead to some confusion about its pronunciation. To clarify, the IPA phonetic transcription for "Othello" is /əˈθɛl.oʊ/. The first syllable is pronounced with a schwa sound, followed by a voiced "th" sound. The second syllable has a stressed "e" sound and ends with a long "o" sound. Overall, the correct spelling and pronunciation of "Othello" is crucial for effectively communicating about the famous Shakespearean tragedy.

OTHELLO Meaning and Definition

  1. Othello is a noun that refers to a renowned tragic hero from William Shakespeare's play of the same name. The term can have three distinct meanings: the character, the play, and the board game.

    Firstly, Othello refers to the eponymous character portrayed in Shakespeare's tragedy. Othello is a Moorish general who falls prey to the manipulations of his ensign, Iago. The play delves into themes of betrayal, jealousy, and racial prejudice, making Othello a key figure representing the destructive nature of these elements. Othello is often depicted as noble, valiant, and loving, but his tragic flaw lies in his vulnerability to Iago's deceit and his own insecurities, ultimately leading to his downfall.

    Secondly, Othello is the title of the Shakespearean play itself. It is one of the renowned tragedies penned by the Bard, believed to have been written around 1603. The play explores the themes of love, jealousy, and deception, and remains a significant work in literary and dramatic history.

    Lastly, Othello can also refer to a board game known as "Othello" or "Reversi." This strategy game, played on a square grid, involves two players trying to gain control of the board by flipping the opponent's discs. It is named after the Shakespearean play due to the game's concept of "flipping" or "turning over," drawing parallel to the betrayal and manipulation present in Othello.

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Etymology of OTHELLO

The word "Othello" has an interesting etymology. It comes from an Italian play called "Otello" written by William Shakespeare in the early 17th century. However, Shakespeare himself drew inspiration from an earlier source for his play. The Italian playwright and novelist, Giraldi Cinthio, wrote a story titled "Un Capitano Moro" (A Moorish Captain) in the mid-16th century. Shakespeare adapted and modified this story for his tragedy, resulting in a character named Othello. Therefore, the name "Othello" originated from Shakespeare's play, while the root of the character and story itself traces back to Cinthio's earlier work.

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