How Do You Spell OTHO I?

The name Otho I is spelled using the International Phonetic Alphabet as /ˈɒθəʊ/. The first sound is the open-mid back rounded vowel, like the "o" in "pot". The second sound is the voiceless dental fricative, like the "th" in "thin". The third sound is the close-mid back rounded vowel, like the "o" in "robe". The final sound is the unstressed syllable which is pronounced with the schwa sound, like the "uh" in "sofa". Thus, the spelling of Otho I reflects its pronunciation with various vowel sounds and consonants.

Common Misspellings for OTHO I

  • itho i
  • ktho i
  • ltho i
  • ptho i
  • 0tho i
  • 9tho i
  • orho i
  • ofho i
  • ogho i
  • oyho i
  • o6ho i
  • o5ho i
  • otgo i
  • otbo i
  • otno i
  • otjo i
  • otuo i
  • otyo i
  • tho i

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