How Do You Spell OTTOKAR?

Pronunciation: [ˈɒtəkˌɑː] (IPA)

The name Ottokar is a variant of the Germanic name Otto, meaning "wealth" or "fortune". It is spelled phonetically as /ˈɒtəkɑːr/ in IPA transcription. The first part, "Otto", is pronounced as /ˈɒtəʊ/, with the "o" sound being similar to "awe" and the "t" sound being pronounced with a slight emphasis. The second part, "kar", is pronounced as /kɑːr/, with the "a" sound being pronounced as "ah" and the "r" being slightly rolled. Combined, the name is pronounced as "OT-uh-kar".

OTTOKAR Meaning and Definition

  1. Ottokar is a proper noun that refers to a given name of likely Germanic origin. It is predominantly used as a masculine name and has been historically associated with German-speaking countries, particularly Germany and Austria.

    The etymology of Ottokar can be traced back to the Germanic elements "od," meaning wealth or riches, and "kar," which denotes a man or a warrior. Therefore, the name can be interpreted to signify a wealthy or powerful warrior.

    Although Ottokar is not as commonly used nowadays, it has had historical significance. One notable figure associated with the name is Ottokar II of Bohemia, also known as King Ottokar. He was a medieval ruler from the Přemyslid dynasty, who reigned as the King of Bohemia during the 13th century. Through his expansionist policies, he successfully extended the Bohemian Kingdom's influence and territories.

    In modern times, Ottokar is predominantly considered an archaic or uncommon name choice. However, some individuals may choose to use it as a given name for cultural or personal reasons, or possibly as a homage to historical figures associated with the name.

    Overall, Ottokar is a proper noun that signifies a masculine given name with Germanic origins and connotations of wealth and warrior-like qualities.

Common Misspellings for OTTOKAR

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Etymology of OTTOKAR

The word "Ottokar" is of Old High German origin. It is derived from the elements "oto" meaning "wealth, fortune" and "kar, char" meaning "army, warrior". When combined, "Ottokar" translates to "rich in army" or "wealthy warrior". This name has Czech roots as well and has been historically associated with the House of Přemyslid in Bohemia.


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