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How Do You Spell OUN?

Correct spelling for the English word "oun" is [ ˈa͡ʊn] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Usage Examples for OUN

  1. In which sollicitude, as they would be loath to usurpe without their own bounds or stretch themselves beyond their oun measure; so they dare not be wanting, to the enlargement of Christs Kingdome, where so loud a cry of so extreame neccesitie, could not but stirre up the bowels of Christian compassion. - "The-Acts-Of-The-General-Assemblies-of-the-Church-of-Scotland" by Church of Scotland. General Assembly
  2. Mr. J. V. H. Clarke, in his interesting History of Onondaga, makes the name to have been originally Ta- oun ya- wat- ha, and describes the bearer as " the deity who presides over fisheries and hunting- grounds." - "The Iroquois Book of Rites" by Horatio Hale
  3. Oudney made an excursion to Janoun, the Kesar Jenoun. - "Travels in the Great Desert of Sahara, in the Years of 1845 and 1846" by James Richardson