How Do You Spell OURE?

The word "oure" is an old English spelling of the word "our". The pronunciation of this word is represented in IPA phonetic transcription as /aʊr/. The spelling of "oure" was commonly used in Middle English, which was spoken from the 11th to the late 15th century. However, in Modern English, this spelling is no longer used, and "our" is now the standard spelling. Understanding the history of English spelling can help us appreciate the evolution of the language over time.

Common Misspellings for OURE

  • ouer
  • ouar
  • orure
  • ouerre
  • ouare
  • ourte
  • 0ure
  • 9ure
  • o8re
  • o7re
  • ou5e
  • our3
  • ioure
  • oiure
  • 0oure
  • o0ure
  • 9oure
  • o9ure
  • oyure
  • ouyre

13 words made out of letters OURE

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