How Do You Spell OUTJUMPS?

Pronunciation: [a͡ʊtd͡ʒˈʌmps] (IPA)

The word "outjumps" is spelled as /aʊtʤʌmps/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The first syllable is pronounced as the diphthong "ow" (/aʊ/) followed by the consonant cluster "tj" (/ʤ/), which makes the "j" sound. The second syllable is pronounced as "uhm" (/ʌm/) followed by the "ps" (/ps/) sound. "Outjumps" means to jump or leap out or ahead of someone or something. It is commonly used in sports, such as when one player outjumps another to catch a ball.

OUTJUMPS Meaning and Definition

  1. The term "outjumps" is a verb that refers to surpassing or exceeding the jumping ability or performance of someone or something. It is commonly used in the context of athletics or physical activities where individuals or creatures are competing in a jumping competition, depicting a situation in which one participant manages to jump higher, farther, or with more skill than the others.

    The activity of "outjumps" can also metaphorically extend beyond the realm of physical jumping. In this figurative sense, the word can describe someone who exceeds or surpasses others in terms of agility, skill, or performance in a specific area or field. For instance, if an individual manages to achieve higher grades than their classmates, they can be said to "outjump" them in academics. Similarly, in a business context, if a company dominates its competitors with higher sales or revenue, it can be said to "outjump" them in the market.

    Overall, "outjumps" encapsulates the idea of surpassing others in terms of physical or metaphorical jumping ability, skill, or performance. The term indicates an individual or entity's ability to exceed expectations or excel beyond others in a specific domain.

Common Misspellings for OUTJUMPS

  • iutjumps
  • kutjumps
  • lutjumps
  • putjumps
  • 0utjumps
  • 9utjumps
  • oytjumps
  • ohtjumps
  • ojtjumps
  • oitjumps
  • o8tjumps
  • o7tjumps
  • ourjumps
  • oufjumps
  • ougjumps
  • ouyjumps
  • ou6jumps
  • ou5jumps
  • outhumps

Etymology of OUTJUMPS

The word "outjumps" is derived from the combination of two words: "out" and "jumps".

1. "Out": This word has its roots in the Old English word "ut", which meant "outside" or "outward". It is also related to similar words in Old High German and Old Norse. Over time, the pronunciation evolved, and it became "out" in Middle English. The word is used to indicate movement away from, or beyond, a particular location or situation.

2. "Jumps": This word is derived from the Middle English word "joumpen", which was borrowed from the Old French word "jumper". The Old French word, in turn, had its origins in the Latin word "iambus", meaning "a kind of poetic foot". "Jumper" referred to the action of leaping or hopping quickly.


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