How Do You Spell OUZEL?

The word "ouzel" is a noun that refers to a bird species that belongs to the genus Turdus. The spelling of this word is unique because it contains a combination of two vowels that are often pronounced differently in English. The IPA phonetic transcription of "ouzel" is /ˈaʊ.zəl/, which indicates that the first two letters "ou" are pronounced as "ow" in "cow" and the last two letters "el" are pronounced as "ull" in "full". Thus, the correct pronunciation of "ouzel" is "ow-zull".

Common Misspellings for OUZEL

  • iuzel
  • kuzel
  • luzel
  • puzel
  • 0uzel
  • 9uzel
  • oyzel
  • ohzel
  • ojzel
  • oizel
  • o8zel
  • o7zel
  • ouzwl
  • ouzsl
  • ouzdl
  • ouzrl
  • ouz4l
  • ouz3l
  • ouzek

Similar spelling words for OUZEL

Plural form of OUZEL is OUZELS

15 words made out of letters OUZEL

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