How Do You Spell OUZEL?

Pronunciation: [ˈuːzə͡l] (IPA)

The word "ouzel" is a noun that refers to a bird species that belongs to the genus Turdus. The spelling of this word is unique because it contains a combination of two vowels that are often pronounced differently in English. The IPA phonetic transcription of "ouzel" is /ˈaʊ.zəl/, which indicates that the first two letters "ou" are pronounced as "ow" in "cow" and the last two letters "el" are pronounced as "ull" in "full". Thus, the correct pronunciation of "ouzel" is "ow-zull".

OUZEL Meaning and Definition

Ouzel is a noun that refers to a small, usually black or dark-colored songbird belonging to the Thrush family, Turdidae, and is scientifically known as Turdus torquatus. It is commonly found in mountainous and forested regions of Europe and Asia. The name "ouzel" is derived from the Old English word "osle" or "ousel," which was originally used to describe a particular species of blackbird.

These birds are known for their melodious songs and have a distinctive appearance, with a compact body and short wings. They possess dark plumage overall, which helps them blend into their natural surroundings. Ouzels typically have a yellow beak and eye ring, which contrasts against their dark coloration.

Ouzels are predominantly insectivorous, consuming a variety of invertebrates such as worms, insects, spiders, and snails. They are also known to feed on fruits and berries during certain seasons. Ouzels are highly adaptable and can breed in diverse habitats, including moorlands, woodlands, and rocky areas near water bodies.

The song of the ouzel is a beautiful and complex melody, often incorporating trills, whistles, and warbling notes. Their songs are renowned for their clarity and can be heard echoing through mountainous regions during the breeding season.

Overall, ouzels are treasured for their enchanting musical abilities, distinctive appearance, and ability to thrive in various habitats. These charming birds contribute to the biodiversity of their ecosystems and bring joy to bird enthusiasts with their delightful songs.

Common Misspellings for OUZEL

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Etymology of OUZEL

The word "ouzel" is derived from the Middle English word "osel" or "ousel", which was used to refer to a small bird that resembled a blackbird. The Middle English term itself came from the Old English word "osle", ultimately rooted in the Proto-Germanic word "uzilaz". This word is believed to have originated from an even older Proto-Indo-European root word *h₁éosleh₂, meaning "blackbird". The term "ouzel" is still used today, particularly in poetry and literature, to describe certain species of the thrush family.

Similar spelling words for OUZEL

Plural form of OUZEL is OUZELS


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