How Do You Spell OVA?

Correct spelling for the English word "Ova" is [ˈəʊ_v_ə], [ˈə͡ʊvə], [ˈə‍ʊvə]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of OVA

  1. A female germ cell extruded from the OVARY at OVULATION.

Common Misspellings for OVA

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Usage Examples for OVA

  1. And afterwards he adds 'nidificat in paludibus alpinis: ova ponit, 3- 5. ' It does not appear from Kramer that woodcocks breed at all in Austria: but he says 'Avis haec septentrionalium provinciarum aestivo tempore incola est; ubi plerumque nidificat. - "The-Natural-History-of-Selborne" by White, Gilbert
  2. Their function is to secrete ova. - "Common Diseases of Farm Animals" by R. A. Craig, D. V. M.
  3. I presume I should miss the things I've got used to ova here, at fust; but I don't believe I should care a great while. - "Entire PG Edition of The Works of William Dean Howells" by William Dean Howells
  4. But to catch the perfect insects themselves, I adopt the following plan: Anobium striatum commonly deposits its ova in beech wood, and is more partial, apparently, to that than any other wood. - "Book Collecting A Guide for Amateurs" by John Herbert Slater
  5. Hence there is a constant struggle for existence among the individuals which represent each species and the vast majority can never reach the adult state, to say nothing of the multitudes of ova and seeds which are never hatched or allowed to germinate. - "The Antiquity of Man" by Charles Lyell

What does Ova stand for?

Abbreviation OVA means:

  1. Ontario Volleyball Association
  2. Original Video Anime