How Do You Spell OVER-COMES?

Pronunciation: [ˌə͡ʊvəkˈʌmz] (IPA)

The correct spelling of "overcomes" is /ˌoʊvərˈkʌmz/. This word is made up of two syllables, with the primary stress on the second syllable. The "o" in the first syllable is pronounced as a long "o" sound, while the "e" in the second syllable is pronounced as a short "e" sound. The letter "c" is pronounced as a hard "k" sound, while the letter "s" sounds like a "z" at the end of the word due to being followed by a vowel sound. The word means to successfully deal with or defeat a difficulty or problem.

OVER-COMES Meaning and Definition

  1. The term "overcomes" is a verb that denotes the action of successfully dealing with, defeating, or surmounting a difficulty, obstacle, or challenge. It conveys a sense of triumph or victory in surpassing something that hinders progress or poses resistance. When individuals or entities overcome something, they are able to prevail against adverse circumstances or emerge triumphant despite setbacks.

    To further illustrate, overcoming often involves the process of effectively tackling obstacles or adversities in order to achieve a desired outcome. It requires determination, resilience, and persistence to overcome hurdles and emerge stronger and more capable. Overcoming can be applied to various aspects of life, such as physical challenges, personal issues, emotional struggles, or professional setbacks.

    Additionally, the concept of overcoming extends beyond individual experiences and can also be applied to societal or collective endeavors. It refers to the ability of a group or community to overcome shared problems, conflicts, or crises by finding solutions, working together, and transforming adversity into opportunity.

    In summary, "overcomes" is a verb that encompasses the act of triumphing over obstacles, difficulties, or challenges, either within individual experiences or within a larger societal context. It suggests the successful resolution or conquering of impediments, resulting in personal growth, development, or the attainment of goals.

Common Misspellings for OVER-COMES

  • overpcomes
  • over0-comes
  • over-0comes
  • overp-comes
  • over-pcomes
  • over--comes
  • overmcomes

Etymology of OVER-COMES

The word "overcomes" is derived from two separate elements: "over" and "comes".

The prefix "over-" in this word is derived from the Old English prefix "ofor-" meaning "over, beyond, across". This prefix has Germanic origins and is closely related to the German word "über" and Dutch word "over".

The second element, "comes", is derived from the Latin word "comes" which means "companion" or "one who goes with". In classical Latin, "comes" specifically referred to a military companion or an attendant of a high rank. Over time, this term evolved to refer to imperial advisors or provincial governors.

When these two elements are combined, "overcomes" conveys the idea of surpassing or prevailing against an obstacle or challenge.