How Do You Spell OVERCOMES?

Pronunciation: [ˌə͡ʊvəkˈʌmz] (IPA)

The phonetic transcription of "overcomes" is /ˌoʊvərˈkʌmz/. The spelling of this word can be explained by breaking it down into syllables. The first syllable is "o-v-er" and contains the vowel sound /oʊ/. The second syllable is "comes" which contains the vowel sound /ʌ/. The letter "e" makes an unvoiced sound, resulting in the final consonant sound of /mz/. So, the spelling of "overcomes" accurately represents the pronunciation of the word.

OVERCOMES Meaning and Definition

  1. The term "overcomes" is a verb that originates from the combination of the prefix "over-" and the root word "come." It refers to the act of successfully dealing with or conquering a difficult situation, obstacle, challenge, or problem. When someone overcomes something, they are able to surpass it, prevail, or triumph over it. This term usually implies a victory or achievement that is obtained through great effort, determination, persistence, or skill.

    To overcome can also mean to prevail over inner struggles, such as fears, doubts, insecurities, or personal limitations. This involves taking control of one's emotions, thoughts, or behaviors in order to rise above these hindrances.

    The process of overcoming often requires the individual to adopt strategies or develop coping mechanisms that enable them to face and conquer the adversity they are confronting. This can involve utilizing problem-solving skills, seeking support, having a positive mindset, and displaying resilience.

    Furthermore, overcoming can refer to surpassing expectations or reaching a higher level of achievement. It implies the ability to exceed limitations, surpass previous performance, or break new ground.

    In summary, "overcomes" refers to the act of successfully dealing with and conquering challenging situations, obstacles, inner struggles, or limitations through effort, determination, and resilience. It denotes victory, triumph, or the ability to surpass expectations or achieve new levels of success.

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Etymology of OVERCOMES

The word "overcomes" has its etymology rooted in Middle English and Old English. The term can be broken down into two parts:

1. "Over": This portion originates from Old English "ofer", which means "above" or "beyond".

2. "Comes": Derived from Middle English "comen", which ultimately comes from Old English "cuman", meaning "to come" or "to arrive".

When combined, "overcomes" essentially means to come or arrive above or beyond something, signifying the act of prevailing, defeating, or conquering something or someone.

Similar spelling words for OVERCOMES

Conjugate verb Overcomes


I would overcome
we would overcome
you would overcome
he/she/it would overcome
they would overcome


I will overcome
we will overcome
you will overcome
he/she/it will overcome
they will overcome


I will have overcome
we will have overcome
you will have overcome
he/she/it will have overcome
they will have overcome


I overcame
we overcame
you overcame
he/she/it overcame
they overcame


I had overcome
we had overcome
you had overcome
he/she/it had overcome
they had overcome


I overcome
we overcome
you overcome
he/she/it overcomes
they overcome


I have overcome
we have overcome
you have overcome
he/she/it has overcome
they have overcome
I am overcoming
we are overcoming
you are overcoming
he/she/it is overcoming
they are overcoming
I was overcoming
we were overcoming
you were overcoming
he/she/it was overcoming
they were overcoming
I will be overcoming
we will be overcoming
you will be overcoming
he/she/it will be overcoming
they will be overcoming
I have been overcoming
we have been overcoming
you have been overcoming
he/she/it has been overcoming
they have been overcoming
I had been overcoming
we had been overcoming
you had been overcoming
he/she/it had been overcoming
they had been overcoming
I will have been overcoming
we will have been overcoming
you will have been overcoming
he/she/it will have been overcoming
they will have been overcoming
I would have overcome
we would have overcome
you would have overcome
he/she/it would have overcome
they would have overcome
I would be overcoming
we would be overcoming
you would be overcoming
he/she/it would be overcoming
they would be overcoming
I would have been overcoming
we would have been overcoming
you would have been overcoming
he/she/it would have been overcoming
they would have been overcoming


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