How Do You Spell OXGANG?

Pronunciation: [ˈɒksɡaŋ] (IPA)

The word "Oxgang" is an old English term used to measure land area. It is made up of two parts "Ox" and "Gang". The "Ox" refers to an ox or bullock which was used to plow the land, while "Gang" is derived from the Old English word "genga" meaning "a going", which refers to the distance that the oxen could plow in a single day. The word is pronounced as /ˈɒksɡæŋ/ with the stress on the first syllable.

OXGANG Meaning and Definition

  1. An oxgang is a unit of land measurement that was commonly used in medieval times in England. It refers to an area of land that can be plowed by a single ox in a plowing season. The term "oxgang" is derived from the Old English word "oxa," meaning ox, and "gang," meaning a going or a way.

    The exact size of an oxgang varied depending on the region, but on average, it was equated to around 15 acres, or approximately two-thirds of a modern-day farm or smallholding. This measurement was considered sufficient to sustain a family and their livestock, providing for their subsistence needs.

    The oxgang system was often used for taxation purposes as well, as landowners were assessed based on the number of oxgangs they possessed. This allowed the feudal lord or the King to collect taxes more efficiently and fairly, considering the productivity of the land.

    Over time, as agricultural practices changed and land was consolidated, the oxgang measurement became less prevalent. However, remnants of its use can still be found in place names across England, especially in rural areas, where the term "oxgang" is often used to denote historical divisions or estates.

    In summary, an oxgang is an ancient unit of land measurement that represents the amount of land that can be plowed by an ox in a plowing season, typically around 15 acres. It played a significant role in medieval English society, both for agricultural purposes and as a basis for taxation.

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Etymology of OXGANG

The word "oxgang" derives from Old English, where "oxa" means "ox" and "gang" means "going" or "pace". In its original usage, an oxgang referred to the amount of land that a pair of oxen could plow in one season. It was a measurement of land area, typically equivalent to around 15 acres or the area that one ox team could plow in a year. The etymology highlights the connection between the agricultural practices of using oxen for plowing and the measurement of land.


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