Pronunciation: [ˈɒkshɑːt t͡ʃˈɛɹi] (IPA)

The correct spelling of the fruit commonly known as the "Oxheart Cherry" (a type of large, heart-shaped cherry) is a bit trickier than it seems. In phonetic transcription, it is pronounced ɑks-hahrt ˈʧɛri. The "Oxheart" part is straightforward, but the "Cherry" part is pronounced with a "ch" sound, as in "chair," rather than "sh" as in "she." This is due to the word's etymology, which comes from the Old English "cyrice," meaning "cherry."

OXHEART CHERRY Meaning and Definition

  1. Oxheart cherry is a specific variety of cherry known for its distinctive shape and size, resembling that of an ox's heart. This variety of cherry is characterized by its large, heart-shaped fruit, known for its robust flavor, intense sweetness, and unique texture.

    The oxheart cherry is generally deep red in color, which becomes darker as it ripens. It has a thick, juicy flesh with a creamy consistency that melts in the mouth, making it highly sought after for its exceptional taste and culinary versatility.

    The tree that produces oxheart cherries is known for its vigorous growth and relatively large size compared to other cherry tree varieties. The fruit typically matures in the mid to late summer, with a relatively short harvest period.

    Oxheart cherries are commonly enjoyed fresh, as their natural sweetness and rich flavor make them a favorite for eating out of hand or using in various culinary applications. They are often used in recipes such as pies, tarts, jams, and preserves due to their firm and meaty texture, which holds up well during baking or cooking processes.

    Overall, the oxheart cherry is prized for its large size, unique shape, superior taste, and versatility in the kitchen, making it a popular choice among cherry aficionados and culinary enthusiasts alike.

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The etymology of the term "Oxheart Cherry" can be traced back to the combination of two elements: "Oxheart" and "Cherry".

1. "Oxheart": The term "oxheart" is derived from the Middle English word "oȝerthe" or "oxerte", which literally means "the heart of an ox". The term refers to a variety of fruits or vegetables that have a heart-like shape. It is believed to have originated from the visual resemblance between the shape of the fruit or vegetable and the heart of an ox.

2. "Cherry": The word "cherry" has a more straightforward etymology. It comes from the Old English word "ciris" or "cyris", which later became "cherry". This Old English term can ultimately be traced back to the Latin word "cerasum", itself borrowed from the Greek word "kerasos".