How Do You Spell PAGANS?

Correct spelling for the English word "pagans" is [p_ˈeɪ_ɡ_ə_n_z], [pˈe͡ɪɡənz], [pˈe‍ɪɡənz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for PAGANS

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Usage Examples for PAGANS

  1. Whereupon the Divine forgiveness is extended at once to these wicked Pagans, and the fate they had deserved is averted. - "The Right and Wrong Uses of the Bible" by R. Heber Newton
  2. And when you priests have got your pagans converted, we soldiers will clean up the mess with our muskets. - "The Road to Frontenac" by Samuel Merwin
  3. You would never believe how frightened I used to be of those confounded Pagans. - "The Daughter of the Commandant" by Alexksandr Sergeevich Pushkin
  4. Salvation privileges every day and all the year round, till I'm ready to drop with it, and begin to wish I'd only been lucky enough to have been born one of those happy benighted little pagans in a heathen land where they don't know the value of the precious Sabbath, and haven't yet been taught to build Primitive Methodist district chapels for crushing the lives out of their sons and daughters! - "Philistia" by Grant Allen
  5. The pagans of the first centuries were aware of the guiding and reforming power of the confessional. - "Reasonableness of Catholic Ceremonies and Practices" by John J. Burke