How Do You Spell PALS?

Correct spelling for the English word "pals" is [p_ˈa_l_z], [pˈalz], [pˈalz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for PALS

Below is the list of 251 misspellings for the word "pals".

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Anagrams of PALS

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Usage Examples for PALS

  1. Go back to your pals. - "What Will He Do With It, Book 10." by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  2. But this night, whenever we stopped at a public house, the Master's pals left it and went on with us to the next. - "The Boy Scout and Other Stories for Boys" by Richard Harding Davis

What does pals stand for?

Abbreviation PALS means:

  1. Peer Assisted Learning Scheme
  2. Pathways for Academic Learning and Success

Conjugate verb Pals


I would pal
we would pal
you would pal
he/she/it would pal
they would pal


I will pal
we will pal
you will pal
he/she/it will pal
they will pal


I will have palled
we will have palled
you will have palled
he/she/it will have palled
they will have palled


I palled
we palled
you palled
he/she/it palled
they palled


I had palled
we had palled
you had palled
he/she/it had palled
they had palled


I pal
we pal
you pal
he/she/it pals
they pal


I have palled
we have palled
you have palled
he/she/it has palled
they have palled
I am palling
we are palling
you are palling
he/she/it is palling
they are palling
I was palling
we were palling
you were palling
he/she/it was palling
they were palling
I will be palling
we will be palling
you will be palling
he/she/it will be palling
they will be palling
I have been palling
we have been palling
you have been palling
he/she/it has been palling
they have been palling
I had been palling
we had been palling
you had been palling
he/she/it had been palling
they had been palling
I will have been palling
we will have been palling
you will have been palling
he/she/it will have been palling
they will have been palling
I would have palled
we would have palled
you would have palled
he/she/it would have palled
they would have palled
I would be palling
we would be palling
you would be palling
he/she/it would be palling
they would be palling
I would have been palling
we would have been palling
you would have been palling
he/she/it would have been palling
they would have been palling