How Do You Spell PAR?

The spelling of the word "par" is straightforward, with only three letters - P, A and R. It is pronounced with the IPA symbol /pɑːr/ or "pahr", with a long "a" sound. The "p" sound is produced by pressing the lips together and releasing a burst of air, followed by the open vowel "a" sound produced in the back of the mouth. The word "par" can have various meanings, such as a score in golf or a standard level of performance in business or sport.

Common Misspellings for PAR

Similar spelling words for PAR

Plural form of PAR is PARS

8 words made out of letters PAR

2 letters

3 letters

Conjugate verb Par


I would par
we would par
you would par
he/she/it would par
they would par


I will par
we will par
you will par
he/she/it will par
they will par


I will have parred
we will have parred
you will have parred
he/she/it will have parred
they will have parred


I parred
we parred
you parred
he/she/it parred
they parred


I had parred
we had parred
you had parred
he/she/it had parred
they had parred


I par
we par
you par
he/she/it pars
they par


I have parred
we have parred
you have parred
he/she/it has parred
they have parred
I am parring
we are parring
you are parring
he/she/it is parring
they are parring
I was parring
we were parring
you were parring
he/she/it was parring
they were parring
I will be parring
we will be parring
you will be parring
he/she/it will be parring
they will be parring
I have been parring
we have been parring
you have been parring
he/she/it has been parring
they have been parring
I had been parring
we had been parring
you had been parring
he/she/it had been parring
they had been parring
I will have been parring
we will have been parring
you will have been parring
he/she/it will have been parring
they will have been parring
I would have parred
we would have parred
you would have parred
he/she/it would have parred
they would have parred
I would be parring
we would be parring
you would be parring
he/she/it would be parring
they would be parring
I would have been parring
we would have been parring
you would have been parring
he/she/it would have been parring
they would have been parring


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