How Do You Spell PAROCHETUS?

The word "parochetus" is spelled as /pəˈrɒkɪtəs/. The initial "p" is pronounced as a voiceless bilabial stop, followed by the schwa sound "ə". The "r" is pronounced as an alveolar approximant, and the "o" as a short vowel sound similar to the "ah" sound in "father". The "k" is pronounced as a voiceless velar stop, followed by another schwa sound. The final "tus" is pronounced as /təs/, with the "t" being a voiceless alveolar stop and the "s" being a voiceless alveolar fricative.

Common Misspellings for PAROCHETUS

  • oarochetus
  • larochetus
  • -arochetus
  • 0arochetus
  • pzrochetus
  • psrochetus
  • pwrochetus
  • pqrochetus
  • paeochetus
  • padochetus
  • pafochetus
  • patochetus
  • pa5ochetus
  • pa4ochetus
  • parichetus
  • parkchetus
  • parlchetus
  • parpchetus
  • par0chetus

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