How Do You Spell PARTNERS?

Correct spelling for the English word "partners" is [pˈɑːtnəz], [pˈɑːtnəz], [p_ˈɑː_t_n_ə_z] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for PARTNERS

Below is the list of 131 misspellings for the word "partners".

Similar spelling words for PARTNERS

34 words made out of letters PARTNERS

6 letters

  • ranter,
  • rapers,
  • errant,
  • arpent,
  • arrest,
  • snarer,
  • raster,
  • rasper,
  • sparer,
  • entrap,
  • prater,
  • paters,
  • rarest,
  • sartre,
  • parser,
  • parent,
  • tapers,
  • paster,
  • patens,
  • repast,
  • astern,
  • parers,
  • starer,
  • trepan,
  • prates,
  • sterna,
  • raters.

7 letters

  • praters,
  • parents,
  • ranters,
  • partner,
  • trepans,
  • entraps,
  • pastern.

Conjugate verb Partners


I would partner
we would partner
you would partner
he/she/it would partner
they would partner


I will partner
we will partner
you will partner
he/she/it will partner
they will partner


I will have partnered
we will have partnered
you will have partnered
he/she/it will have partnered
they will have partnered


I partnered
we partnered
you partnered
he/she/it partnered
they partnered


I had partnered
we had partnered
you had partnered
he/she/it had partnered
they had partnered


I partner
we partner
you partner
he/she/it partners
they partner


I have partnered
we have partnered
you have partnered
he/she/it has partnered
they have partnered
I am partnering
we are partnering
you are partnering
he/she/it is partnering
they are partnering
I was partnering
we were partnering
you were partnering
he/she/it was partnering
they were partnering
I will be partnering
we will be partnering
you will be partnering
he/she/it will be partnering
they will be partnering
I have been partnering
we have been partnering
you have been partnering
he/she/it has been partnering
they have been partnering
I had been partnering
we had been partnering
you had been partnering
he/she/it had been partnering
they had been partnering
I will have been partnering
we will have been partnering
you will have been partnering
he/she/it will have been partnering
they will have been partnering
I would have partnered
we would have partnered
you would have partnered
he/she/it would have partnered
they would have partnered
I would be partnering
we would be partnering
you would be partnering
he/she/it would be partnering
they would be partnering
I would have been partnering
we would have been partnering
you would have been partnering
he/she/it would have been partnering
they would have been partnering


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